Filox Iron Filter

Filox water filters are a filter medium specifically created for lowering the levels of manganese, iron and hydrogen sulfide from well water. Filox filters are superior performers to other filter media due to the product’s notably high manganese dioxide percentage.


Manganese Dioxide Content

At 75 to 85 percent, the manganese dioxide content in Filox water filters is substantially higher than the company’s primary competitors Greensand and Birm, which have three and one percent manganese dioxide content levels, respectively.


The reason Filox’s high manganese dioxide content level makes the brand’s water filter superior to others is that it is the active ingredient behind every filtration system created to target iron and manganese dioxide. A high percentage of this material generates more activity within the medium, which makes Filox filters more effective than Greensand and Birm filters.


Filox-R Water Filter Sizes

While Filox produces a number of water filters, the various Filox-R filters will suffice for most residential water well needs. The Filox-R comes in four media sizes for residential use:

0.75 Cu. Ft
Service Flow Rate GPM: 4.5

1.0 Cu. Ft.
Service Flow Rate GPM: 6.0

1.5 Cu. Ft.
Service Flow Rate GPM: 8.5

2.0 Cu. Ft
Service Flow Rate GPM: 11.5


With a high service flow rate and manganese dioxide content, Filox water filters are some of the best commercially available well water filters available for those with adequate wastewater disposal space as daily backwashing is the preferred schedule for filter valves.